The making of the maze (video)

21 Feb

(sorry… only Hungarian dubbing at the moment …)

First maze!

20 Feb

So, we have a cute little hamster, and we wanted to create a maze. One, which can be easily “reconfigured”.

The plan was to use 1liter milk boxes, collect 49 of them (7 x 7) and cut out holes in them. So here is how we did it step by step:


We used these kind of milk boxes. Since their base is a perfect square, they can be rotated freely by 90 degrees, making it easy to reconfigure the maze later on.

First step: cut of the top (after washing it of course 😉

I use another carton to create the cut out mask. Just fit it on top of the milk box, and draw the hole.

Cutting out the holes

We draw the exit lines as well, so when the maze is ready, we can easily see the path by looking from above.

Putting the boxes together, in a 7×7 matrix, inside a simple wooden frame (50cmx50cm)

This is why we drew the red lines, so we can see the maze configuration easily from above.

The original configuration was planned on paper… with the help of a dice 😉

Time to test it…

Looking for the exit… or for the food/salad?

Finally, the hamster found the exit… but was not interested by it: he turned back instead…

The fans are cheering for the hamster 😉